Kent was a seedling of ‘Brooks mango grown on the property of Leith Kent of Coconut Grove, FL and a hybrid between Brooks and Haden. It received recognition as being a good quality mango with excellent production characteristics, leading to its quick commercial adaptation. Today, Kent is one of the most widely planted commercial mangos in the Western Hemisphere.

The fruit is round in shape, medium-to-large in size ranging from 500 grams to 1 kg.  The fruit will turn a background yellow color at maturity with some red blush covering the sun exposed part of the fruit.  It has a firm, yet fiberless flesh with a nice medium-sweet peach-noted flavor in the classic group.  The flesh can be prone to internal break down if conditions are too wet, and the seed will often sprout inside the fruit.  They ripen from late-July to mid August in our areas.

The Kent mango  trees are fairly vigorous, with dense upright canopies . Production tends to be very heavy.  Disease resistance is mediocre and anthracnose can be a problem for both flowers and fruit.  Sadly Kent is highly prone to mango bacterial black spot and botrysphaerial rot in the US, theough we did not have any bacterial problem in our areas probably due to lack of rain.

Kent mango plants are available in the UAE at Lemony Tree Nursery.