The Keitt mango was certainly a seedling of ‘Brooks’ even though it was reported to be from ‘Mulgoba’. It was selected by J.N. Keitt of Homestead, FL in 1945 and quickly received recognition for its heavy and late-season production. Commercial growers rapidly planted it and it became one of the more frequently propagated varieties thereafter. 

The fruit are large-to-very large, weighing 500 g. to 1kg. or more in larger instances, ovoid-round in shape. When grown in the interior they remain green even at maturity but when grown along the coast they develop pretty light red blush with some golden yellow color. The flesh is firm, with scanty fiber, with a classic mango flavor with a little tang. 

The trees have a spindly, spreading growth habit that can make them appear “scraggly”, and they are moderately vigorous growers too. Keitt ripen from July to September, in our region. Their long season often stems from a protracted bloom period, with some fruit being smaller than some of the later fruit. Unfortunately, like other Brooks descendants, Keitt is very prone to the new bacterial black spot and Botrysphaerial rot fungi diseases.

Keitt mango trees have proven their viability and tolerance ectreme weather conditions in various parts of the UAE.

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