We are the leading fruit tree nursery in the UAE.  Was established as a small scale project with the aim of providing the market with healthy, tru to type plants that are suitable to and can withstand the climatic conditions of thr UAE.

We focus on tropical trees and sub tropical trees that do not require chill hours to flower and fruit.  Every year, we try out new varieties in our farms and then select only the ones that displays good growth, good fruit production and juicy and tasty fruits.

We carry in our nursery over 30 types of fruit plants from many parts of the world but we specialize mainly in mangos where we have over 100 varieites of mango plants and also citrus plants where we carry over 50 varieties including lemon plants, orange plants, mandarin plants, grapefruit plants and pomelo plants.  We sell fruit plants and trees of various sizes from 0.5 meter plants to 5 meter high trees.

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